How Much does Website Design Cost?

Affordable Website Design, Maintenance and Hosting

Frontdoor Web Design can take care of every aspect of getting your small business on the internet.

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Web Site Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogs
  • E-Commerce

How long will it take to get my web site up on the internet?

You can expect a month for the process of creating your web site and publishing it to the internet.

Domain Name and Hosting

Frontdoor Web Design will help you decide on a domain name that will be simple for your clients to remember and strong enough to represent your small business on the web.

  • Cost of domain and web hosting: from $4.95 to $12.95/month

After you have made a decision on your domain name, a Web Server will take your domain name and the files from designing your website and publish them on the internet for you. Frontdoor Webdesign uses IXWebhosting for Domain Name and Hosting Services.

  • They have a variety of plans to choose from, ranging from $4.95 to $12.95 per month (paid in 3-12 mon increments).
  • Each plan offers at least one free domain, which is yours for life and can be transfered if you ever decide to leave IX webhosting.
  • Their tech support (via phone or email) is courteous and extremely quick and knowledgeable. Recently my email was answered within 2 hours. My phone call was answered after a breif wait of being third in line. They are owned and operated in the U.S.A., which I am more than happy to keep my dollars in this great country. And I have found their servers to be reliable with no down time that I have personally experienced.

Web Design

  • Cost of web design: As low as $325

Frontdoor Web Design has a team of professionals to meet your web site needs. A typical 3 page web site can cost you approximately $325. the fee will be determined according to your specific needs. Generally our 3 page package will include a completed template after one revision. Say, we present a finished work for you, what we will call your template. Your logo is in place, the navigation has been determined to be horizontal or vertical or both, you have a body of text, and a footer with your contact information. Frontdoor Web Design will allow for one revision of a finished template. This template will give your web site a consistant look, producing continuety and ease of navigtion for your visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Cost: Included in all Web Design Packages

During the creative process to design, develop, and publish your web site Frontdoor Web Design has taken careful attention to design your web site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization is included in all of our web design packages.


You gotta have a blog. It is the vehicle in which your customers get to know the person behind the lighted screen we call a monitor. The tried and true free blog is Wordpress. Another option is Blogger.


There is a shopping cart for every need. For instance, Fatfree Cart takes Paypal and Google as vehicles to collect payment and is absolutely free. The charge for setting your shopping cart up by Frontdoor Web Design will cost $25/hr. You can expect anywhere from 3-4 hours for a small shopping cart with pictures and descriptions.

How much is my Website Design going to Cost?

  • Cost of domain and web hosting: As low as $4.95/month
  • Cost of web design: As low as $325

What can I expect to spend in the long term?

Your web site will need periodic updates like a new product with description and photo. Frontdoor Web Design highly recommends putting up a blog on your site.