You know how we all like to shorten a phrase we say all the time. Blog came from web log. Maybe that will give you a better idea of what a blog really is. I am strongly encouraging you to put a blog on your site. It is a dialogue that will become indispensable to your potential clients getting to know you as a person. They can read what you have to offer and you can put all that in a great looking package, but we have all been cosumerized to death. Put some flesh to the framework of your spiel. Give these people a taste of who you are.

What does it involve? How much time do you have to devote to your blog? As much or as little as you want. Your blog will be a place you can let others know what you are thinking about or some project you are working on. Then your visitors can submit their 2 about what you said and you got yourself a conversation, baby! Then the idea is to go back a week later and put something else up. Not too demanding, really. You might find you like it!

We are looking to get your site on the map. This is a great tool to let people know the real you. But it is also a great way to attract those search engine spiders. It is like laying out fresh food for them. They like content that is newly updated.

Wordpress and Blogger are absolutley free.